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Apr 06, 2011 at 06:58 PM

Inventory Valuation for Intra company


Hello SAP Scholars,

In case of Intra company scenario (STO->Delivery->PGI), suppose we have two plants P1 and P2 between whom the goods movements is happening through Intra company Scenario.

As per our understanding, once PGI is done for this scenario. Transaction Key BSX will get triggered resulting in material movement (Movement type: 641) postings to the respective accounts.

As per our requirement, material shelf life is 14 days and the material value gets decayed on daily basis. While goods movement between two plants, we need to capture the remaining value and decay value as on date of PGI (Posting date).

As per Std SAP, BSX transaction Key hits the OBYC automatic posting settings at the time of PGI resulting in the FI document.

For the solutioning part, We are going to create a customized table for defining the percentages for remaining and decay value on the respective days of the product life.

We are planning to create a new movement type which will hit the particular transaction Key to determine the accounts posting for decayed value and the remaining value.

Can we use the standard logic which is defined to determine BSX transaction key for automatic postings and write a piece of code so that our new movement type gets hit whenever this particular material movement is happening taking in consideration the PGI Date, and the % defined from table to calculate remaining value and decayed value resulting in postings to the account defined for those values.


Punita Kumari