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Apr 06, 2011 at 06:22 PM

Better SAP Documentation?


Hi, I was looking into information regarding "Write-Optimized" DSO and only found a small blurb in the SAP Documentation:

Then I ran into the following documentation/blog at which seems well put together, has more detail, and adds some context to usage. Seems a lot more useful than SAP's documentation.

I did find this blog on SDN after additional searching, but still wonder why SAP doesn't provide this in their documentation.


I'm wondering why SAP can't provide this level of detailed information regarding it's development environment. I understand that there is SDN, OSS, and lots of scattered information out there, but this is what I found because it was most relevant to what I needed.

This blog seems more like documentation that should be provided SAP.

Just curious what other people think about the BW Documentation provided by SAP and if they think it is sufficient and well presented?