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Apr 06, 2011 at 01:33 PM

Delegation of authority


Hi guys,

What rights are needed to give users access to the 'Set Entry and Approval defaults' page?

In a multi model environment with different sets of metric sets for the different models we want to be able to delegate the ability to move from one period to the next to 'super' superusers who will be within the operating unit in question.

We have already created a 'super' superuser group that ticked all the boxes on Manage Application Groups and made suitable superusers Entry and Approval Administrators but this does not give them access to the 'Set Entry and Approval defaults' page.

We don't want to give them SM Administrator status in 'Set System Defaults' as this would open up too much of the sensitive plumbing.

Or is this the same issue as with 'Upgrade User Responsibilities' which also cannot be delegated?


Colin Cooper