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Apr 06, 2011 at 11:50 AM

ME SDK:DB connection closed automatically


I designed a collaboration directive triggered by a web service using the SDK (ME 5.2.3).

Basically, this directive perform a select to get the material inventory, and then loop into the result to create one entry in a queue by material (those entries will be processed later)... So doing some insert in the database.

What I do, I open a DB connection, then loop to do my inserts...

Problem is that if this loop take too much time, the connection seems to be automatically closed, I got this in the log :

Connection object has already been closed...

Do you know if there is a parameter we could extend (I guess the connection time-out is set to 60 seconds), or should I handle this in my code ?

Here is a summary of my code :

try {

connection = SystemBase.createDefaultSystemBase().getDBConnection();

for (int i = 0; i < inputInformation.size(); i++) {

row = inputInformation.extractRow(i);





} catch (SQLException e) {

if (Utils.isTraceEnabled(Utils.COLLABORATION)) {



returnData.put("EXCEPTION", e.toString());

returnData.put("SUCCESS", "false");

returnData.put("ERROR_MESSAGE", e.getMessage());

return returnData;

} finally {

SystemBase.closeDBConnection(connection, statement);