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Apr 06, 2011 at 10:51 AM

Table for the report RPUAUD00 Logged Changes in Infotype data



I have a query with the program RPUAUD00 Logged changes in Infotype Data. In which table stores the details of the program RPUAUD00. for example in the 1st period there is a LWP record for the employee. If in the 2nd period the LWP entered in 1st period has deleted, in the log the LWP displays for 1st period new field contents, Action Indicator I. The deleted information displayes in Old field contents with the Action Indicator D. We want to know in which table the LWP insert ℹ️ and LWP delete (d) details are stored.

This information required to create a report for ESI. In the report No of days (payroll processed for) has to mention. To know the no of days need to access the report RPUAUD00. From the RPUAUD00 the details of LWP insert and delete can be known.

Request to help in solving the issue

Thanks & Regards

EKP Yadav