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Apr 06, 2011 at 10:28 AM

How to fill a prompt in webi with current date?


A webi report is being generated on BEx Query.

IN BEx query variables are defined for some date fields to prefill them with current date.

Foe ex. there is license start date. For this field variable is defined so that in variable screen License start date is automatically filled with greater than or equal to current date(which is system date). WHich is a mandatory variable.

On BO side, a webi report is being developed on a Universe (based on this BEx query).

When the webi report is run, the license start date(mandatory variable in BEx) is automatically prompted, but date is not getting prefiiled with current date.

How to prefill this prompt with current date?

the prompt should be like

LIcense start date >= <current date>