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Former Member
Apr 06, 2011 at 10:04 AM

Copying Z fields from source item to target item



I have added a custom field to CRMD_ORDERADM_I table. Initially, I was thinking that when a follow-up document is created or a new document is created by copying from an existing document, the value of the custom field would automatically be transferred from the source line item to the target line item. However, that is not the case. That means that some coding will have to be done to transfer the value of the custom field.

I tried to find a BAdI that would serve my purpose and found the BAdI CRM_ORDERADM_I_BADI whose method CRM_ORDERADM_I_MERGE appeared to be relevant but I am not sure if it would work. Can you please validate that or sugest a better solution.

Thank you.