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Apr 06, 2011 at 07:29 AM

ESIC For Saprated Employee


Hello Gurus

I have a Problem that an employee is resigned in mid of the month. his basic salary is prorated according to days worked. but ESI Deduction is calculated based on full salary

for example in IT0008 basic salary is 10000 according to that ESI Employee cotribution is 10000*1.75%=175. in case of last month his working days is 19 so his basic is prorates and amount is now 6334 but ESIC Deduction amount is 175

I just want to know

1. What is the Rule given by GOVT. whether ESI Amount is based on the actual paid amount or elegible amount.

2. How SAP Work?

3 if ESIC calculation is based on paid amount then How I configure the same.


Ankit Vasavada