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Apr 06, 2011 at 07:09 AM

FI-Double postings when posting the parked document using FM


HI All,

i am facing one issue in posting the parked documents (from ztable) in bulk using function module PRELIMINARY_POSTING_POST_ALL with inputs bukrs,BELNR,gjahr .

program flow is step1 : input file with project-wbs details - park the documents in ztable based on project(as document)-wbs(as tems)

step2 : reclaculation of values for parked documents

step3 : posting the each document using the above FM one by one and reversing.

issue : when one document parked with one item but while posting it is posting 3 or more docs with same amount for the same ref doc no.

the scenario not getting reflected in my test system.only in live system it is happening.

i tried my best to find the issue ,it is very important can some one suggest any reasons for the issue How to resolve.