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Apr 06, 2011 at 06:04 AM

dynamically assignment of destination.


Dear Friends!

Good morning!

I am trying to create Accounts in Unix server from SAP system. my process is like We have WebDynpro abap form in that user requests for Unix account. The request goes from some approvals and at the end my workflow call the function module and that calls the ABAP proxy, I send all the necessary parameters to ABAP proxy. ABAP proxy passes the data to file adapter and file adapter gives me the file that I put on mounted drive from Unix server PI system executes the OS level command to create the account.

We have Powerbrocker that takes care of account creation from Unix side and distributes the account to required server from 700 Unix servers.

It was good and we were happy with this process. but we found that power broker is getting hanged many times. and we have to create account manually after that. Or User have to re-submit the entire request which is not ideal case for us.

Now we are thinking to go to requested unix server which user will select from the form. once he will select I will pass server to ABAP proxy and it will go to PI system,

Question is this : How my receiver system can determine which server I want to go? and It is very bad solution to have 700 mounted drives on application server 😔

Is Anybody has such solution in that I can select server form the WDA form and pass it to ABAP Proxy and then SAP PI system takes care where I want to create an account and triggers the OS level command as well.

Please reply me. your any help will be appreciated. 😊