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Apr 06, 2011 at 05:59 AM

SAP Connector 3.0 - RFC_READ_TABLE errors


Hi All,

I'm using the new nCo 3.0 to get access to tables via the RFC_READ_TABLES function.

I am able to access the tables and download data OK, however i sometimes get these error messages

'RfcCompressor: CsRDecompress failed with rc = -22'. (normally happens towards the end of a table data extraction)

'End mark of RFCID.TableContLZ not found.' (occurs while trying to invoke the RFC_READ_TABLES function, however occurs randomly)

I'm grabbing the data from tables at 50,000 rows at a time, and have set the below parameter values.

tableRead.SetValue("QUERY_TABLE", Trim(dr("saptbl")))

tableRead.SetValue("ROWCOUNT", GetDownloadChunkSize)

tableRead.SetValue("ROWSKIPS", 0)

If hasFields = True Then

tableRead.SetValue("FIELDS", fieldsTable)

End If

If hasOptions = True Then

tableRead.SetValue("OPTIONS", optionsTable)

End If

Just wondering whether anyone has come across these error messages and are able to explain why they are occurring?