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Apr 06, 2011 at 03:26 AM

Database Mirroring Idea


Hi Senseis

I was thinking about this concept and I want to know if someone else think the same idea before. As I say in other Thread, I will use database mirroring on top of MSCS to protect our systems. The mirror site will be in Miami and the primary in Cancun, Mexico. In the documentation says that the distance and bandwitch is essential for the succed of this configuration, so I will implement the high performance method. But (and is here where I want to know your opinions), if I recreate my production enviorement in the mirror site (I mean everything, disk distribution, SID, NSID, everything), apply the DB Mirroring and, in case of crash in my production site, just redirect the traffic to my mirror site... this will work?

Thanks for your help