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Apr 06, 2011 at 01:17 AM

Configuration Name Parameter value not excuted for application



I create some new Z configuration for standard application PIQ_MBSS_OIF and made some changues ; by

copying standard configuration PIQAC_MBSS_OIF to z configuration Z_PIQAC_MBSS_OIF

So in changed the configuration name parameter (WDCONFIGURATIONID) for the application to new value 'Z_PIQAC_MBSS_OIF' and i execute the application and i see the changues. These changues i made in my DEV environment (100) so i go to Sandbox environment (110) and execute application and i see these changues too .

Now i return to my original configuration, in 100 environment set configuration parameter name to original value 'PIQAC_MBSS_OIF' , execute application and i see the original application ok ; but i go to 110 environment , i see updated the configuration name parameter to 'PIQAC_MBSS_OIF ' ok , but when i execute the application it executes the Z configuration . I go to help from first screen application and strangely it has assigned the Z configuration value .

I guess this can not be a problem with configurations because in 100 it works ok , and 110 share programs and configurations values.

I have not found what am i doing wrong , i do not know why in 110 the application executes the Z configuration even if it has (i see it) the right configuration name parameter ; does somebody can help me about what can be happening ?

Best Regards