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Apr 05, 2011 at 09:45 PM

Any way to resize/hide ivews from WDA?


I have a requirement to allow a main application (WDA) to call a second application (also WDA) as an embedded component. Once the child application completes, it needs to notify the parent application. There are also some cases where the parent application needs to raise an event in the child application.

The difficulty I am having is that the subcomponent application may be either in the same system or in a different ABAP system.

I'm open to the possibility of achieving this through separate iviews on the same portal page instead of directly embedding the child application; but if I go that route, I'd need to be able to put a child iview for both possible target systems on the screen and let the parent application control which iview was visible. Can anybody provide me with code that could be triggered from WDA to modify the visibility of the iview it is embedded in? Ideally there would also be a way to collapse a column on the portal page. Alternatively, if anyone knows of a way to trigger a navigation from WDA that would navigate from one iview to another but leave the rest of the portal page alone, I could work with that too.

Hopefully I am just missing it, but I can't seem to exert enough control of the portal page from the WDA portal integration API. I have some hope that once HTML islands becomes available I can make things work using that, but even that may be limited unless WDA gets modified so it can be used inside an html island, thus allowing communication between parent application from one system with child application from another.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as well as any insight on if HTML islands will work in the way I am describing.