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Former Member
Apr 05, 2011 at 03:31 PM

payments after leaving GB


hello all,

I'd like to run a payroll payment scenario by you all, see if it makes sense, as follows:

1. In December (according to rpuaud00), payment date for december entered, and paid in december payroll.

2. In February, the date for this payment changed to January, and paid in February (with advance deduction).

What I'm trying to figure out is how it appears that this payment has been included in /101, twice.

If the date for the payment was changed, should the December dated amount not retro out?

The only hint of this is that there are several /5xx wagetypes which are carrying fwd the negative retro amount to the january period, but I don't understand how the /101 is still intact with the full amount in the same period?

I hope my explanation makes sense; any feedback would be much appreciated!