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Apr 05, 2011 at 01:52 PM

CM Services - When creating DC in NWDS always vendor ""


Hello all,

As suggested here (Set up CM Services in CE 7.2) I've managed to setup the CM Services in NW CE 7.30 (I'm NOT using CTS, so stand-alone dev. config)

Problem is, after importing this in the NWDS (works), and when trying to create new DC's, the namespace is set default to and cannot be changed. Then I get an error that I cannot create projects in the - domain. So I cannot create new DC projects.

I've created my own product in the SLD in my company's namespace, so the SC where I'm trying to create the DC's in is NOT in namespace, but my company's namespace.

Did anyone else have this problem and know a solution?

Did I do the setup wrong or is there something wrong with the NWDS?

Remark: I am able to create DC's in my LocalDevelopment (and set my namespace freely here)

Thanks in advance for your help!