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SMSY Relevant Product Instaces for a System

I am trying to understand or find documentation on what Product Instances to mark relevant in SYSY for my systems. Previous people have marked various things relevant inconsistantly for our systems.

for example we have NW 7.0 BI in a sandbox, dev, qas, and prod environment and the defintions for dev an qas are different

for dev we have

application server abap

application server java

BI java

EP content

EP Core

Enterprize Portal

for qas we have

Buisness Intelligence

Application server Java

BI Java

Business Explorer (BI)

EP Core

Enterprise Portal

I can't find any clear documentation on what I should be selecting

we also have stand alone portal and it's relevant products are

Application Server Java

EP Core

Enterprize Portal

I don't understand why EP content was selected for my BI system, but not for my true portal

I don't understand why my QAS BI system is "Buisness Intelligence" but my DEV BI system is "Application server abap"

Can anyone suggest what should really be selected. Am I over selecting things?, that is should I unselect things?

Is there any doc or examples of what a system should have selected?

Does it matter that my DEV BI system and my QAS BI system are so different?

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4 Answers

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    Apr 05, 2011 at 04:49 PM


    This depends on how you are using your system and what you actually installed.

    How you are using the system is soemthing you need to know.

    Often you can get some hints by refering to the Solution Manager Landscape Setup Guide

    at > media library on the right hand side > then view the document.

    The problem you will find is if you are having multiple usages, then its not complete.

    But again the relevent product isntances selected depends on the usuage, and the usage is determined by what is installed.

    The usage needs to match what is installed.

    Hope this helps.



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  • Apr 05, 2011 at 01:24 PM

    Hi Harold,

    Are you using an SLD to bring information to your SMSY? Is job "LANDSCAPE FETCH" running successfully? At least you should use an SLD and check this job. You can check how to use it iin the document referenced in the link of note 987835. In this document you will also find details on what product do you have to set for each application in SMSY.

    Besides that I would recommend to check if the basic note of your solution manager is implemented and also the central corrections for SMSY:

    Basic note for each solman version:

    1172948 SAP Solution Manager - Basic functions

    1334252 SAP Solution Manager: Basic functions SP20 and SP21

    1405878 SAP Solution Manager - Basic functions SP22 and higher

    1468591 - SAP Solution Manager: Basic functions: SP25 and higher

    1552585 - SAP Solution Manager: Basic functions 7.1 SP1

    SMSY note(check the related notes within it):

    1301106 SMSY: Enhancements and errors in Enhancement Package 1



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  • Apr 05, 2011 at 01:58 PM


    1)Please check your SMSY_SETUP > Expert Settings are empty.. these should be empty..otherwise this lead the confusion to the LANDSCAPE_FETCH job...

    2)Else you can use the landscape verification wizard tool, this helps correct these inconsistencies happned due to sld..using more user friendly screen

    [/people/wolf.hengevoss/blog/2010/08/13/landscape-verification-10-for-sap-solution-manager--general-availability |/people/wolf.hengevoss/blog/2010/08/13/landscape-verification-10-for-sap-solution-manager--general-availability ]

    3) Else Perform the activity manually, mark prod instance Business Intelligence,BI java only as the "relevant"

    Please check.



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    Former Member
    Apr 05, 2011 at 06:57 PM

    The link in note 987835 was helpfull. It basically says what mimimally needs to be selected for each type of system.

    For EP portal it is simply "Enterprise Portal"

    for BI 7.0 it is simply "Business Intelligence and BI JAVA"

    (should I also be checking Application Server abap along with Business Intelligence, apparently not)

    And yes I agree I need to know what else is installed (ie what the usage is). And trying to figure out exactly what that is, is taking a bit of time. I was hoping I could look at what was installed already but I am finding out that folks previously install components in our portal that don't really apply to "EP". Also I belive I've uncovered a bug as I can't run Maintenace optimizer for my BI systems unless I select "EP Content" for my BI systems but on the other hand SMSY says "EP Content" is not installed.

    It is interesting that in some of my systems I can choose a "product" as relevant but on other systems I can only choose "also installed". I still have more cleanup to do.

    Another hard part of all of this is tryling to figure out if I have "product a" installed or what the product name really means. There is next to nothing that describes what product "EP Content" really is. It is not referenced in the Net Weaver master guide.

    Even with running the Landscape verification tool, I apparently need to know my usage type and what exactly is installed.

    But what are the implications of not checking something? I know I have Adobe doument services actually installed on my CRM systems, but it is not even a choice that I can select. And I know maintenance optimizer will select it when I go to update my system.

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