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Former Member
Apr 05, 2011 at 12:01 PM

Workset node as an IView


Hi all,

I have a workset assigned to a role. There are two IViews assigned to this workset. Both the IViews are BEx WEB Application IViews. Also, both these IViews run the same BI query in the backend. The only difference is that first IView is restricted to one hierarchy node, and the second IView to another node. The entry points are set in such a way that the workset will appear in the detailed navigation area.

Now, the user here wants when he clicks on the workset, it should first open up and these two reports should be visible. However, at the same time another report that is consolidated of both the above two reports should appear at the same time. In simple words -> this workset should behave as an IView (BEx WEB App) and clicking on this Workset should open a report in the body and the tree in detailed navigation should show the above two reports.

Is it possible to have the same.