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Former Member
Apr 05, 2011 at 11:24 AM

Cant get rid of WIP after Result Analysis


We have a wrong project (ABC) entered in system that we need to close. It was created in July 2009 and had various financial and material postings on it. Closing activity for fiscal year 2009 was performed using only two transactions CJCO & CJCF.

Now in 2010, it was realized that this project (ABC) was entered wrongly by the users. In the meantime, another project (XYZ) was created in start of 2010 for the same project and users thought it wouldnt be a problem to have two projects in system for one. They kept doing financial postings in 2010 on both projects, they used project XYZ for Material + FI postings and Project ABC for only direct FI postings.

The task here is to close project ABC by transferring all the costs and its effects on to project XYZ.

Results Analysis and settlement runs have been carried out on both projects till period 12, 2010. So far, we are successfull in reversing all the settlements for project ABC and we made one FI posting by making off setting entries using FB50 between two projects with total value of cost in period 12. All costs from Project ABC are transferred to Project XYZ and all settlements made in 2010 of Project ABC are also reversed. We couldnt reverse entries of 2009 because it is closed.

Also, the planning data of Project ABC was entered wrong. System is configured on Cost Proportional basis, therefore settlement entries were not correct due to worng planning figures. We also had to make changes to Planning figures.

After doing all these activities, we are still getting the error that there is still WIP that exists on WBSE that needs to be cleared fo Financial Accounting. Please let me know the reason for this error and help resolve this matter. Thanks.