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Apr 05, 2011 at 10:20 AM

append data to a nested table within structure


I am trying to write some code (not really an ABAPer but helping out) and my code is not quite working.

i have a structure that is made up of up three tables and a structure. it is part of an DIMP add on.

I have typed my tables and structures and tables in line with target definition, however my data is not being passed across...

i have tried a number of different ways of doing this, but have been unsuccessful. I am sure i am close, but would like some guidance...

         LOOP AT gt_mpdcycle INTO gs_mpdcycle.
            APPEND gs_mpdcycle TO gs_create_mpd-cycledata.
            INSERT gs_create_mpd-cycledata INTO gs_create_mpd.

the gs_create_mpd is typed to the overall structure... the gt_mpdcycle is typed to table of mpdcycle and gs_mpdcycle is typed to mpdcycle structure. the gs_create_mpd-mpdcycle is typed as type table of mpdcycle.

i have also tried the following:

gs_create_mpd-cycledata[] = gt_mpdcycle[].


INSERT gt_mpdcycle INTO gs_create_mpd-cycledata.

does that make sense? can someone suggest a way of doing this?