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Apr 05, 2011 at 09:45 AM

How to Troubleshoot this Window Application problem


Hi, good day!

We're currently having problem with our SAP application. One of our staff accidentally dragged the window for one of its application (example: "Sales Order" window) up to the very point that you can't even reach the toolbar to move it back to its original place. To further explain the situation, here's a screenshot of the problem:

Here are the things that we've done already:

> Used any possible shortcut available in the net.(example: ctrlf5, altspacebar, alt+f10, etc.)

> Restart Program.

> Uninstall then re-install the program.

> Restart Desktop.

> Uninstall all of the SAP programs then re-install.

> Re-clicking the sides of the window.

Not yet tried:

> Bashing the keyboard.

Just kidding on the bashing of the keyboard, but seriously we really need help on trouble shooting this situation.

Thanks a lot for the person that could help us!