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Apr 05, 2011 at 09:43 AM



Hi Experts!!

We are facing a very strange issue. We have done agent determination through a ztable. Approvers ID will be selected from that ztable. Approver ID is being filled in (as US0001) but still it is showing the error EVALUATE_AGENT_VIA_EXPESSION. When clicked for further info, the error is given as 'Result of agent resolution does not agree with agents of task'.

Can anyone help me where this could go wrong? Approver ID is filled in but still erroring out. And strangely this is the case in production alone. In Quality it's working fine. I run SWU_OBUF t-code too to synchronize runtime buffer. But no luck.

Can anyone help me out with possible reasons? Your suggestions are highly appreciable.

P.S.: I checked a lot of existing posts, but none helped me 😔