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Apr 05, 2011 at 09:17 AM

How to make a Sender Jdbc as Synchronous


Hi All!

I am having the Following requirement,

In the sender system we are getting the data from a Data base Table.In that table there is an field named as INTERFACE_STATUS.

In the Sender CC we are Using JDBC adapter ,In the Query SQL Statemnet Parameter we are select the datas with the INTERAFCE_STATUS='N'.In the Update SQL Statement we are Updateing the INTERFACE_SATUS='S',it means the data has been interfaced to the target System.


In the Receiver CC we are Using the SOAP Adapter.Because, there is some Bussiness validation is required before inserting the data into the Target Data Base.So, here there is a possible of getting some faliur.In this case ,the data will not interface to the

target data.

By getting the Responce from the Web Service the Source DATABASE should get update. that is if the web service returns Failur meassage the INTERAFCE_STATUS should be remain as 'N' and if we get the Responce message from web service the INTERAFCE_STATUS should update to 'S'

Can any one pls give me an idea. Thanks in advance.