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Apr 05, 2011 at 07:35 AM

Can we delete error records from PSA



I am loading data from Myself source system to Infocube. I have 10 Laks records. Out of these 10 Lakhs records, only 2 error records were there. Due to this load failed. suppose I have 100 data packets, these two records is there in 98 data packet Now only 98th Data packet is showing RED in Details tab. So Now I want to use the data which is loaded into cube except the Data packet 98. Now my question is , If I change this request in INFOCUBE as GREEN , Can I see the data for records except 2 error records (Data Packet 98). Bcz, I dont have time to load this again. This is Quality system.

Or Can I modify those 2 records without deleting the request from the Infocube.

Please suggest me how to proceed.

Thanks in Advance,