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Apr 05, 2011 at 06:30 AM



We are using the ALLOCATION logic to allocate data per Cost Pool to three other dimensions: Product, Region and Customer.

Per CostPool (1000 members) ALLOCATED to Product (4000 members), Region (200 members) and Customer (1000 members).

Extreme case, one Cost Pool gets ALLOCATED to 4000x200x1000 basemembers = 800 million records posted.

Extreme case for all Cost Pools = 800 billion records posted.

If we restrict the allocation based on a driver (where there is data. Sales Value for example) it narrows it down to 18 million records posted per Cost Pool.

Running this allocation for all Cost Pools = 18 billion records posted in total.

We have the allocation logic working at a speed of about 1 minute per 1 million records posted. Thus, ALLOCATING all Cost Pools will run for about 300 hours.

How can we improve this?

(We are considering excluding the Customer dimension from the allocation but would only do so as a last resort.)