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Apr 05, 2011 at 06:27 AM

Link authority role with organizational levels


Hello experts

I've read, that it's possible to automate the maintenance of organizational fields (e.g. $BUKRS).

We've maintained the field BUKRS (company code) in our organizational structure and in PA20-0001 it's displayed.

But when I create a derived role via transaction /ISDFPS/ROLE_MANAGER, the system can't find any $BUKRS.

(I've linked the role with organizational management->org. position and users are correctly found).

I alway get the message, "Unmaintend Organization Level".

It also maybe, that the roles are wrong.

Is there a documetation, how I've to maintain the organizational structure and how the roles, to use the automatism?

It would also be great, to get a few tipps to solving this problem.

Thx in advance