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Apr 05, 2011 at 04:38 AM

Adding Payment Invoice


Good day!

I'm trying to add an invoice with a corresponding payment. I have multiple payments, cash and credit card. I can add cash payments properly but when I add the credit card payment it gives me an error "Invalid Row".

Below is the script I used.

Thanks in advance! 😊

//this is where i added the cash payments
foreach (DataRow _row in loSAPDAO.getCashPayments(pDate, _salesHeaders).Rows)
                 if (_row["salesHeaderId"].ToString() != "")
                     _oPaymentInvoice.CardCode = "WALK-IN";
                     _oPaymentInvoice.CashSum = double.Parse(_row["amount"].ToString());
                     _oPaymentInvoice.DocDate = pDate;
                     _oPaymentInvoice.DocTypte = BoRcptTypes.rCustomer;
                     _oPaymentInvoice.DocNum = int.Parse(_docNum);
                     _oPaymentInvoice.HandWritten = BoYesNoEnum.tYES;;
                     _oPaymentInvoice.TaxDate = pDate;

//this is where i added the credit card payments
foreach (DataRow _row in loSAPDAO.getCreditCardPayments(pDate, _salesHeaders).Rows)
                if (_row["salesHeaderId"].ToString() != "")
                     //credit card payments                     
                     _oPaymentInvoice.CreditCards.SetCurrentLine(_ccLineNum); //this is where the error occurs
                     _oPaymentInvoice.CreditCards.AdditionalPaymentSum = 0;
                     _oPaymentInvoice.CreditCards.CardValidUntil = DateTime.Parse(_row["expiryDate"].ToString());
                     _oPaymentInvoice.CreditCards.CreditCardNumber = _row["cardNumber"].ToString();
                     _oPaymentInvoice.CreditCards.CreditSum = double.Parse(_row["amount"].ToString());
                     _oPaymentInvoice.CreditCards.CreditCard = int.Parse(_row["cardType"].ToString());