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Apr 04, 2011 at 07:34 PM

Duplicate Records in Details for ECC data source. Help.


Hello. First post on SDN. I have been searching prior posts, but have come up empty. I am in the middle of creating a report linking directly into 4 tables in ECC 6.0. I am having trouble in getting either the table links set up correctly, or filtering out duplicate record sets that are being reporting in the details section of my report. It appears that I have 119 records being displayed, when the parameters values should only yeild 7. The details section is repeating the 7 records 17 times (there are 17 matching records for the parameter choices in one of the other tables which I think is the cause).

I think this is due to the other table links for my parameter values. But, I need to keep the links the way they are for other aspects of the report (header information). The tables in question are using an Inner Join, Enforced Both, =. I tried the other link options, with no luck.

I am unable to use the "Select Disctinct Records" option in the Database menu since this is not supported when connecting to ECC.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



PS. I come from more of a Functional background, so development is sort of new to me. Take it easy on the newbie.