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Apr 04, 2011 at 06:22 PM

Navigation to a UI Component not supported


Hi experts,

I'm using Case Management. I've done all necessary customizing.

I'm using a record model that includes CRM BOR objects and non CRM BOR objects like INSTLN, BUS2032, BUS2080, INSTMNTPLN, etc.

Everything works fine in SCASE transaction. But I have some trouble in IC WebClient 2007:

- Documents, Business Partners and all CRM BOR objects works fine (display and navigation into IC Web screens)

- Non CRM BOR objects can be displayed but when clicking the link in the record hierarchy I get the following error:

"You have selected a process type that requires navigation to a UI component that is not supported within the current UI profile"

I've done the following customizing but it's not working yet:

- Organizational Chart (PPOMA_CRM) ->position->menu GOTO->detail object->enhanced object description. I have assign the Business Role and the IC Web Client Profile (including several functions profiles)

- SPRO -> CRM -> Interaction Center WebClient 2005 ->Basic Functions -> Define Activity Clipboard Profiles

- SPRO -> CRM -> Case Management -> Extended Customizing -> Special Settings -> Define Processes-> Define Process-Dependent Parameters -> Assign Element Types and Business Object Types to a Process. I've made new entries copying standard ones and using new Types X1, X2, X3, etc.

The idea is to navigate into the backend transaction displaying the content of the ISU instalation, the ERP Sales Order, the ISU Service Notification, the Installment Plan, etc...

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,