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Apr 04, 2011 at 02:17 PM

BPC NW 7.50.06 IMPORT_IOBJ_MASTER how to confirm all members are loaded?


This is my first question I submitted to this forum. I read the rules and trying to follow them. If I violated any of them, my apologies in advance.

I checked the blogs and forums about this topic.

I did not check SAP Notes for this since this is not product defect.

Before I build dimension hierarchy (using IMPORT_IOBJ_HIER) , i would like to make sure that all necessary master data is loaded into the BPC dimension. How can I do this?

This is to make sure that the hierarchy build job does not fail because of missing members.

The reason for this is that one dimension I am working with has 800K members and takes about 20+ hours to complete.

My understanding is that the DM package IMPORT_IOBJ_MASTER sources data from the following Info-Object tables.

Master Data table for lowest level members

Text tables for texts

Hierarchy table for hierarchy nodes

Assuming that the one full hierarchy is selected in the DM package, then after this job completes, the number of members and nodes in the BPC dimension should equal to the sum of ALL members from the master data table and the ALL the hierarchy nodes for the selected hierarchy in the hierarchy table. I am finding this is not true.

I compiled counts from the IOBJ and dimension tables using data-browser (SE16).

BW IOBJ master table (leaf members) 659,529

BW IOBJ hierarchy table (nodes for one hierarchy) 12,989

BPC Dimension 830,676

So, the sum of the members from the IOBJ tables don't add up to what is loaded into the BPC dimension.

Incidentally, the hierarchy job failed due to missing members.