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Apr 04, 2011 at 12:47 PM

Components of GRC


Hi Experts,

I am interested to work as a consultant in SAP GRC and trying to get information on this solution. I read through different articles available in this forum. I am a slightly confused on the components of GRC. Herewith I summarise what I understand:

SAP GRC covers following components:

1) Access Control

2) Process Control

3) Risk Management

4) Environment, Health and Safety

5) Global Trade Service

Further, Global Trade Service (which is an area more specific to my interest) has following sub-modules:

1) Compliance Management

2) Customs Management

3) Risk Management

What I would like to know is why Risk Management appears twice - it is covered as a component under GRC and also included as a sub-module in GTS? Could anyone clarify to me?

Many thanks in advance for your response,