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Apr 04, 2011 at 12:15 PM

A hierachy with several characteristics in Integrated Planning


Hi gurus!

Have you been able to implement an input-ready query with a hierarchy for several characteristics in row area?

I have two characteristics, 0SEM_POSIT and 0ACCOUNT and the requirement is that plan figures should be posted to 0SEM_POSIT but history data should be read from different 0ACCOUNT values for different companies even if they use the same template to plan their values. I have added 0SEM_POSIT as an external hierarchy characteristic to 0ACCOUNT info-object and created a hierarchy for 0ACCOUNT in which hierarchy nodes are defined as 0SEM_POSIT values.

However, if I use an aggregation level in my query, which has characteristic 0SEM_POSIT, hierarchy nodes are not input-ready (unless I use disaggregation, which is not possible if I want to post to 0SEM_POSIT).

Am I missing something or is it simply impossible to configure such a multidimensional query with a hierarchy? I didn't find any solution for this in SAP documentation.

Greatful for your answers, points guaranteed for helpful messages!