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Apr 04, 2011 at 09:22 AM

Err HUGENERAL327 when trying to save GR for inbound delivery


Hi, Alls

We have a next problem in our eq6 system (a new process before

transfering to prd system) - Error message HUGENERAL327 when trying to

save GR for inbound delivery.

We created a new plant 4580 ant two new storage locations: 4587 - HU

and 4588 - non HU. Str. loc. 4588 - is the partner of 4587.

We create an intercompany purchase order (type NB) for new

plant/storage location. The packaging item has

account assignment K (cost center) and the contained material does not.

We cannot receive for this purchase order into delivery .We

get error message HUGENERAL 327: HU items' material posting is


However, we can receive into delivery

for other PO 180072419. This PO was opened for old plant/storage location. I checked

Customizing settings for old/new plants/storage locations and didn't

found differences.Could someone help me ?

Thanks, Liza Starozhilets