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Apr 04, 2011 at 09:11 AM

IDoc Matmas.Matmas02 format error on element NETGW


Hello Guru's

I have a problem with the IDoc Matmas.Matmas02. I use the PI Development book and I want to set up an File to IDoc scenario.

The design and konfiguration of the scenario is finished. But it doesn't work. There is an error with the format of the element NETGW (Netweight). Due to the book I created the element NETGW in my datatype as xsd:decimal. But the IDoc format of this element is xsd:string. So if I'm in transaction BD87 an press "Process" i get a dump with this text:

The program attempted to interpret the value "001,800 " as a number, but

since the value contravenes the rules for correct number formats,

this was not possible.

My BRGW is 2. And is calculates the NETGW on its own with a factor of 0.9. The arithmetic expression should look like "1.800" i think.

What shall I do? Is it possible to change the IDoc are can you give me some other advices to solve this problem???