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Apr 04, 2011 at 08:32 AM

Win2008 + MSSQL2008 -> Dispatcher "cannot load driver


Hi all,

this installation drives me nuts..

WinServer 2008 64-bit

MS SQL-Server 2008 Enterprise

JVM 1.4.2_30 32bit (after n-th trial)

MS-JDBC-Driver 1.2

IC installs, adding IC-Configuration also works (without error), but when testing a dispatcher, the jvm moans:

> MxDispatcher:Loading driver:

> Can not load driver:'


in the IC I told him to use "" as stated in the documents of the MS-JDBC-Driver

This seems to be hardcoded somewhere since it comes always into the dispacher.prop file regardless what you configure.

Is there a working setup-guide for SQL-Server 2008 out there.

It is supported since Oct.2010 but the installguides do not reflect this.

best regards,

Reinhard Weidner