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Apr 04, 2011 at 08:07 AM

SRM 7.0 Central Contracts Migration from ECC existing contracts


Hi colleagues

We are facing the implementation of SRM 7.0 in a client who has ECC installed and we have a doubt with contract migration

We are considering using SRM Central Contracts in order to get them replicated on ECC

All the contracts "alive" that exist in ECC should be created on SRM as central Contracts. The problem is that when you create a SRM central contract the system will replicate it to ECC ... in that case we will have the same contract twice on ECC

Does anybody face this situation?

I figure out that if at the moment we are creating SRM central contracts we turn off XI/PI the system would not replicate the contract to ECC but I think it would return an error without creating the contract on SRM... and even if we managed to create the central contracts in SRM without replicating them to ECC we would have the problem that both contracts wouldn´t be linked

We can´t consider the solution to be creating those contracts on SRM as SRM local contracts because we need to follow contract cicle in SRM after migration

Could anybody help me out with these?