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Apr 04, 2011 at 06:36 AM

Re-scheduling deliveries.



we have created a sales order for material A on 4.4.11. the material availibility date is 11.4.11 in sales order. my questions are ?

a) if i create the delivery on 4.4.11 (by using selection date as 11.4.11), the system will allow me to create the delivery on 4.4.11 but will i be able to do picking and PGI considering the fact that the stock will be availble only on 11.4.11 ?

b) if one is able to do the PGI/PICKING on 4.4.11 (with planned MAD as 11.4.11).. what are the factors which will allow the system to do the PGI/PICKING on 4.4.11 and how will we as users know about the same that PGI can be done on 4.4.11( mad as 11.4.11 ) we need to run some report for this kind of situation before we are sure we can do the PGI/picking ?

c) what are backlog deliveries and rescheduling of deliveries ?