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Apr 04, 2011 at 04:17 AM

Billing Net Value for cancelled document Question



We have one issue in Billing extractor (2lis_13_vditm). Sales team is doing the process as below:

1. Create a Sales Order Document with 5-6 items

2. Create a Billing document

3. Cancel the Billing document to make changes Sales Order document

4. Modify the Sales Order created in Step1. (Adding new items)

5. Create new Billing document

When we extract Billing delta, we are getting Original Billing document, Canceled Billing document and newly created Billing document.

Issue: Not all line items in the canceled document are coming with canceled indicator to BW. So Net value key figure is coming wrong.

Did anyone face this issue? Please let me know if anything wrong in the BW extract process or Sales team process

Thank you