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Apr 03, 2011 at 10:14 PM

Reset 'Apc Values'' and Ordinary deprec.' as 'Value adjustment'



I have to post two asset documents (without movements on GL) which should have the following effects:

- the first must reset, in asset explorer, 'APC transactions' and 'Acquisition value' in column change (- movement)

- the second must reset, in asset explorer, 'Ordinary deprec.' as 'Value adjustment'in column change (+ movement)

I can't find two transaction types which can do this.

I've tried to create some custom transaction types, but no one can do what I need (without posting in GL).

I can't post in GL, because asset accounts' balances in GL must be closed on conversion accounts.

Which transaction type group should I use?

Is there an alternative way (no revaluation movements are allowed as alternative)?

For example, creating GL conversion documents, which reset depreciation and value in separate documents (without revenues) on single assets

First document:

S - Conversion Account

H - Value Account (asset XXX)

Second document:

S - Depreciation fund Account (asset XXX)

H - Conversion Account

After that, assets will be deactived in master data and no more used.



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