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Apr 03, 2011 at 07:54 AM

Material Availibility Check in PM


Hi Experts,

I've configured Material Availability Check in the SAP PM/MM solution of my Client but I have the following questions,

1) Both the material availability checks in PM order header and componenet dont work when the *Planning Relevance/PR Generate" indicater is not set to "1 - Immdeately". Why is it not working for value "2-when realeased"

2) The check doesnt work at all for non valuated material. What do I have to make it work ?

3) For Split Valuated material the functionality doent work right. See the example below,

For material A valuation types C1 and C2 exists with C1 having stock in both storage locations ST01 and ST02. ST01 has 3 units and ST02 has 4 units. The only Open PM Order requires 10 units of material A valuation type C1. When I perform material availability check with the storage location ST01 entered in the PM Order, the Header check shows 8 items short (which is wrong) and the line check shows 7 items short (which is correct). When I remove the storage location from the the PM Order component and check the same. The header check shows the same 8 items short (which is again wrong) and the component check shows 7 short (which is wrong). In configuration I've maintained storage locations to be considered in the availability check.

Could somebody please share the view on this