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Apr 02, 2011 at 06:17 AM

Foreign Currency Valuation customers, (outstanding invoices) F.05


After using F.05 for foreign currency valuation I am surprised by example outstanding CHF invoices keep the same EURO figures.

When I look to the report F.05 gives after using the session it shows a calculation for each CHF invoices to the new EURO figures,

but after processing the batch with SM35 there is no change of the EURO figures by these invoices.

After a while I noticed this kind of currency differences are booked on another GL account.

So there is one GL account for outstanding debtors and another one what gets the currency rate differences after using F.05.

Never the less is it not very strange when I am using line items reports to show the invoices of outstanding debtors that on invoice level the EURO figures still have the same figures?

By example 42000 CHF are equal 25000 EUR and after using F.05 the report says this 42.000 CHF are equal to 28000 EUR.

I should expect the EUR figures of 28000 would I see back in the oustainding invoice reporting, but that's still showing the old amount of 25000.

I know SAP shows the difference on another GL account but is it not strange this kind of currency differences are not in the outstanding invoices figures. I should expect by the invoices the EUR figures after currency valuation.

Is this how SAP works? Or did we something wrong when we set up our own SAP version?:-)