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Apr 01, 2011 at 02:11 PM

Duplicating batches during inventory


Hi all.

I'm having a big problem here to make continuous inventory using WM.

I'm folloinw these steps:

1- Li01n (or LX16)

2- li11n

3- li20

4- li21

During the count using li11n, if I find a batch that is registered in a different bin on the system, the inventory is not transfering this batch to the new bin, it is creating a new batch and keeping the old one.


If a batch is the bin "X" but phisycally is in the bin "Y", after the invetory count, the system will consider that I have two batches with the same code in both bins (of course, if I count only the bin "Y").

Why my system is not transfering the batches to its new (or correct) bin during a inventory?