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Apr 01, 2011 at 11:40 AM

Unable to define transformation - as master data attribute


Hello experts,

I have a 7.0 data flow DS--> TRANS --> DSO1 --> TRANS --> DSO2.

In the transformation from DSO1 to DSO2, there is an info-object 0COMP_CODE in DSO2 which is a MD attribute of info-object 0EMPLOYEE in DSO1. Similarly, there are a few other info-objects in DSO2 that are MD attributes of 0EMPLOYEE in DSO1.

On creating the rule for MD attribute for 0COMP_CODE and checking the transformation, I am getting the following errors.

Rule 24 (target: 0COMP_CODE group: 01 Standard Group): No master data characteristic selected

Message no. RSTRAN505


Rule (target field: 0COMP_CODE): No source field assigned

Message no. RSTRAN518


InfoObject cannot be used to read master data

Message no. RSTRAN066


InfoObject does not have the correct attributes to read master data for the target field.

System Response

The entry is deleted and the rule is invalid.


Enter an InfoObject that has the InfoObject from the target as an attribute.


Rule 24 (target field: 0COMP_CODE, group: 01 Standard Group): InfoObject properties 0COMP_CODE

Message no. RSTRAN525


The properties of the InfoObject selected, 0COMP_CODE, do not match the properties of the available source field.

System Response

Check that you have chosen the correct InfoObject.


If necessary, choose a different InfoObject.


Similar error messages come after creating the rule for MD attribute for any other info-object in the transformation.

On checking 0EMPLOYEE and its attributes, the required info-objects are very much there.

Could anyone help to fix this transformation.