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Apr 01, 2011 at 09:26 AM

Operating chart of account & Group chart of account


Dear Sap Experts,

I have search the forum to fit my question, but unfortunately i cant find something related to my doubt. I hope my question and doubts can be cleared through your answer.

Note : This is concerning Consolidation which requires Operating G/L Account and Group G/L Account. Please take note that BCS is not implemented in this model.

Objective of this question: To understand the dependency and logic behind the assignment, features and output reporting without implementing BCS.

Scenario Base on IDES system:

1. COA INT has 2 G/L Account assigned to Company Code : 1000 & 2000

(a) HSBC Bank --> Company Code 1000

(b) CITIBANK ---> Company Code 2000

In above mention 2 G/L Account, already assigned "Group Account Number" called "Cash" and "Cash" G/L Account is assigned to COA "CONS".

Note: Operating COA in INT and Group COA in CONS.

From my understanding if i Post USD 100 to HSBC Bank & USD 200 to CITIBANK the system should automatically post USD 300 to G/L Account "CASH".

Please correct me if my understanding wrong.

Question1: The G/L Account "Cash" do not assigned to any company codes, then how can i view the record posted in G/L account "CASH" ?

Question2: From my understanding the COA cannot be same for Operating account and Group account.

Question3: The Above cannot perform any elimination because i dont have BCS?

Please advice and help to clear my doubts. Thank you in advance.