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Apr 01, 2011 at 09:21 AM



Dear All

I am executing Tcode AJAB, to close Asset F.Y 2009.

Getting error ,

Asset 000001100010-0000 in company code 0000 (depreciation incomplete)

Message no. AU070


The planned depreciation was not completely posted to Financial

Accounting for asset 000001100010-0000 in company code RI01 in

depreciation area 15.

System Response

Year-end closing cannot be carried out for company code RI01.


Post the depreciaton using the appropriate posting program (Periodic

processing) in Financial Accounting. Then start a repeat run for this

asset, if necessary.

Now i tried AFAB, Deprication posting run , with selection of posting period as 13 and in Repeat Run.

After executing its giving message,

ERROR ANALYSIS was ended , (wiht Red Mark)

No documents were created in this run (Yellow Mark)

Now again am executing AJAB and still giving same error i.e Depreciation not posted completely.

I want to open Asset F.Y and Account F.Y 2011

I want to Carry forwaed G/L and Customer and Vendor balances for New F.Y 2011.

Can i process C/F without closing Asset F.y 2009.


Swati Shah