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Apr 01, 2011 at 08:27 AM

Delta load prevents infocube compression



We are trying to load data from few infocubes in our production system to corresponding infocubes in our quality system using delta loads. This solution works mostly fine, exept with one infocube. We can load the data to the target infocube, but after loading is complete the source infocube in production system refuses to compress. If we try to compress the infocube with a process chain, we get following message "Compression not necessary; no requests found for compressing", although there are plenty of request that could be compressed. If I try to compress the infocube manually, following messages are shown:

"Request 78139 not yet retrieved by the connected data target XXXCLNT100"

"Delta update in data target APQCLNT100 must be deact. to compress the reques"

"Do you want to deactivate the delta update in data target APQCLNT100 ?"

If I deactivate the delta and try manually compressing the cube, system throws message type x. Compressing in process chain gives the same message as before. The weird thing is that we load data from other cubes exactly the same way and with those infocubes compression works as it should. Any ideas?