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Mar 31, 2011 at 11:13 PM

Setup or changeover time for a product in a new week


I have a set up matrix which defines that if I move from product A to B, the changeover time is 2 hours.

I have a planned order for product A on friday of week 1 and a planned order for product B on a monday of week 2

Saturday and Sunday are set as downtime through the resource master downtime tab( also tried using not a work day in the capacity profile)

When I create planned orders, the planned order on Monday for product B has a setup or changeover time of 2 hours.

When I create the planned order for product B in a new week or AFTER a downtime DAY, I DO NOT want product B to have a setup time. However if they are in the same week OR without ant downtime in between, I DO want product B to have the setup time.

Would be grateful if you can let me know how can this be achieved?

Appreciate all your help!