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Mar 31, 2011 at 08:16 PM

Problem while sending file from SAP to FTP server


Hi Friends,

As per my requirement i am sending CSV file to a third party FTP server.

First i need to check the file if it is there in the FTP or not, if it is not present then we put the file in to the FTP server.

For this logic first we connect from SAP to FTP using FTP connect Function module.

Then we get into the desired directory by passing command to ftp by FTP command Function module

Then i check for the file using the same FTP command function module.

In the command i pass" ls c90909.csv "

But my problem is if the file is not present in the FTP it is not giving me error "550 permission denied" rather it is giving me

ls c90909.csv

200 command okay

150 opening ASCII mode data connection for file list

226 Transfer complete. 0 bytes transfered. 0 bps.

Please help

Thanks Regards,

Sandipan jena