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Mar 31, 2011 at 06:22 PM

Problem with Personalization in Travel Expenses Report iView



Here's the problem I'm facing with Create Travel Expense Report iView in ESS. The main issue is that the field for starting time in the 'General Trip Data' is hidden by default. I checked my configurations both backend and the Portal and nothing was done to hide this field.

1. I checked Personalization in the iView preview mode and the field is shown. I did a CTRL+right mouse click and it shows that nothing was personalized.

2. I started the iView in ESS and the field is is hidden!. In the screen I did a CTRL+right mouse click and it says in the 'Personalize Group "General Trip Data"' the field is hidden and listed under the 'Hidden controls'.

I'm baffled as to how did this happen. There are simply no enduser nor adminstrator personalization done to this particular field.

Any help would be appreciated and points will be awarded.