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Former Member
Mar 31, 2011 at 04:28 PM

File Adapter Query, when PI server restarts polling starts


Hi Experts,

I have one problem with File sender adapter if someone can suggest solution or easy way to handle situation.

I have a interface with 50 file adapters.

I am activating all file adapters with poling interval 24 Hours.

And I am activating all adapters after 10 minutes interval so that all should not run at same time.

So every thing is good.

But the problem is that whenever BASIS team restarts the SAP-PI server. All 50 file sender adapters get restart at same time (i.e. all poling starts at same time which I do not want because of file size of all files and dependency of one interface i/p on other file o/p).

So every time when server is getting re-started, I have to re-activate all 50 adapters by sitting for many hours after every 10 minute interval.

Can someone suggest any solution for above problem, or itu2019s not possible to control sender file adapter poling start when server starts instead of time when I activate it originally?